Binary Signals for Currencies

The currency market is the largest global financial market and it is easily accessible to all traders. Despite its accessibility, the currency market has many complexities and is unique as it compares the value of one currency to another. The foreign exchange rate of currencies dictates the currency market and this adds more complication to trading currencies. Since currency pairs are traded in the foreign exchange market, the value of both currencies can change the exchange rate. Many factors can affect the value of currencies and analysing these changes can be difficult. However, binary signals for currencies can do the difficult work for investors. AlgoAlerts software analyses all possible information about the value of currencies and then uses algorithms to determine expected future prices.

How to Trade Currencies

When currencies are traded, they are always traded in pairs. The exchange rate between the two currencies is the only factor that determines if the trade is negative or positive. The most commonly traded currency pairs include USD/EUR, JPY/USD, USD/GBP, AUD/USD, USD/CAD and EUR/GBP. Most highly traded currency pairs are comprised of currencies from developed countries that are heavily involved in the global market like the United States, UK, Australia, Japan, Canada and the multinational European Union. However, traders do have the option to trade exotic currency pairs such as like the U.S. dollar against the Mexican peso or the South African rand. Exotic currency pairs include one currency from an emerging or developing nation.

Factors that Affect Currencies

The primary factors that influence foreign exchange prices between currency pairs are the general sentiment of the market, political factors and economic conditions. The economic conditions of a country always affect the value of its currency. Economic conditions include but are not limited to the government’s fiscal policy, inflation rate, economic health and growth and government surplus or deficit. The political environment of a country also affects the value of its currency. During times of political instability or as a new party or leader is taking power, the value of the currency is affected. Finally, perceptions about the market, currency values and economic conditions also affect foreign exchange rates. When traders believe a foreign exchange rate is moving in an unfavourable direction then they will likely trade the pair and vice versa.

Simplifying the World of Currencies with Binary Options

The factors that influence the value of currencies are numerous and complex. The political, economic and personal expectations about a particular currency pair inevitably affect its price. It is difficult for any single trader to thoroughly analyse these factors. Fortunately, binary signals can monitor, track and alert traders when significant changes in the currency market occur. When changes are happening, the binary signals software sends an alert via SMS text or email to investors. This software is able to analyse changes in inflation, government deficit, fiscal policy and a variety of other factors that affect currency prices. When traders receive an alert, they can quickly react to the change and capitalize on the movement of currency prices. Binary signals offer a great alternative to time-consuming analysis of currency pairs so traders can simply enjoy what they do – trading currencies!


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