Accuracy and Limitations

Binary signals are offered by third party software companies, designed to alert traders to changes in the market. Essentially, these signals will tell investors when to place a put, call or to stay out of a particularly asset when it has reached a particular price. The best binary signals providers can truly give traders an edge in the binary options world. Binary signals providers usually require traders to pay a subscription in exchange for trading alerts. These signals are fairly new to the trading world but many have proven to be extremely lucrative and helpful to many traders.

Benefits of Algo Alerts

Algo Alerts is a binary signals provider created by industry leaders Faunus Analytics and Trading247. The provider sends subscribers real-time alerts on the top assets to trade at that moment. These signals are produced by proprietary algorithmic models and the software is able to monitor over 200 assets at one time. As with other binary signals, this software will alert the trader when to call, put or avoid the asset. In addition, this binary signals software also gives traders a ‘reliability’ level. This level is the power or strength of that particular signal. A higher reliability levels means that Faunus is more confident about the accuracy of the signal.

There may be times when there is never a high reliability but there are also periods that have high reliability on multiple assets. Algo Alerts can be used with investors’ own trading strategy and it can also help traders enhance their understanding of the market. One benefit of the reliability level is that traders can see the level of risk they will be taking on by trading a particular asset. This will help traders diversify their trading portfolio and maximise their profits while minimising their risk. Traders should remember that these signals are sent automatically and will not reflect on substantial fundamental changes in advance. In terms of technical changes, Algo Alerts is very accurate and useful.

Restrictions of Binary Signals

Traders should understand that binary signals do have limitations regardless of the software providers. Many binary signals providers only send a set number of alerts to subscribers each day so traders may not get all of the necessary information from alerts. Investors can choose whether or not to act on the signal and it is recommended that investors first do their own analysis before making a decision. Most importantly, traders must remember that all binary signals will be inaccurate at some point.

Markets can change in ways that are simply unpredictable and even the most in-depth analysis is not able to predict the changes. Binary signals do allow traders to stay up to date on possible movements of the market, but additional analysis should always be conducted. It is impossible to always correctly predict the behaviour of the market but binary signals can greatly improve a trader’s performance in the market. These software programs are simply another tool that investors can use to understand the complex interactions taking place in the market. When used properly, binary signals can give traders the edge they need to succeed in an ever-changing market.


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